Summarize your business in a sentence written in the second person.

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With the right technology and wholehearted guidance, you too can grow your dream wellness business online.

Imagine creating a stunning digital space that perfectly encapsulates what your wonderful business is about. A space that you actually own, away from the noise of big corporate platforms, designed to help you connect more deeply with your audience. A dream online home for you to offer your products and services without struggling with technology.

Stunning designs that elevate your business.

Design matters! A Stanford study found that 75% of consumers judge a business’ credibility based on their website design. Your new website will look beautiful on all devices, expertly showcase your passion and expertise, and elevate your business by building trust and rapport with your ideal clients.

Technology made simple & easy to manage.

This is where you wave goodbye to countless frustrating hours trying to figure out how tech tools work. We’ll develop your website while making everything as user-friendly as possible and walk you through the tools, so that you feel empowered to keep on managing and exploring your new digital home without feeling overwhelmed.

Strategies & guidance to help you thrive.

Gorgeous designs are important, but so is having a solid strategy behind your online presence. At Websoul, we help you integrate your vision with powerful strategies and channel it all into your new digital home. You now own a world-class website that looks great, conveys your unique voice, and turns visitors into amazing clients.

Dear wellness entrepreneurs,

Meet the soulfully guided way to finally build & launch a powerful website that you can be proud of.

You reach out, we have a chat, you invest, we build everything for you, guide you through the content creation, customize it all, help you navigate the tools… and BOOM — your dream digital home is born and ready to help you attract amazing clients! Here’s a quick breakdown of the signature process we’ve perfected throughout the years:

“One of the best investments I made for my business.”

Working with João was one of the best investments I made for my business.

I now have a slick and smooth working platform to operate my business and spread my work with much more ease than before.

João possesses intricate knowledge of all the backstage tech workings and creates systems that are streamlined and easy to use. His attention to details meant that every minute piece was taken care of from start to finish.

He’s very thorough in explaining how it all works so that you’re left empowered to take full domain over your own platform and make changes, add pages, manage products and services, manage students, etc, and not be left dependent on a third party.

I couldn’t have felt in better hands. It also feels good to be supporting businesses that care rather than invest in the larger impersonal corporations.

I highly recommend working with João.

Kate Joyner from the UK 
Founder of the Dancing Serpent Mystery School

Ready to show the world who you are and what you offer in a clear, beautiful and authentic way? Your dream digital home is just a great conversation away.

Hi! I’m João, founder of Websoul, and I help big-hearted wellness entrepreneurs grow thriving businesses online with focus, balance, and integrity.

I’m a designer and a brand strategist who has spent the last five years helping wellness entrepreneurs from all over the world grow their impact online. I love all things embodiment, movement, mindfulness, and compassionate self development, and I’m always excited to keep on learning, growing, having fun, and sharing my practices with others.

I’m one part creative, one part strategic. As someone who lives and breathes wellness and who works exclusively with wellness and holistic practitioners, I already speak your language, which makes the whole process of creating great stuff together SO much easier (and fun, too!) 🎉

I created Websoul because I believe in people who work passionately to help others feel better and more connected. I’m here to help you thrive both in business and in life, so that you can better spread your magic and reach more of the people out there who are looking for your gifts.

Let’s talk about your investment.

João here. Right now, our website builds start at 897€.

I can’t give you a more detailed budget without knowing more about your business and your needs. The value of your digital home is going to depend on its complexity: a simpler website with a blog and contact forms is different from more elaborate projects like sales funnels or course platforms.

What I can say, though, is that I won’t try to pitch you stuff you don’t need. Let’s take your vision and work towards it in a grounded way, step by step, without the overwhelm.

I believe that building the right website is the best investment you can make when it comes to growing your online presence. It will boost your confidence, bring you clarity, and help you attract more of the right clients. You’ll make your money back and much more — you’ll have more time and energy to enjoy your work and to show up more fully in every dimension of your life.

“Our work saved me time, money and most of all: emotional stress and frustration.”

Joao helped me create a platform to grow my online presence and I cannot thank him enough for not only creating beautiful end products but for doing it so fast, on point and it ending up exactly as I wanted it to be.

I did not even know what was possible with all the tools out there and Joao helped me put simple systems in place that help me manage my business in such an easy and effective way.

For sure it has saved me time, money and most of all: emotional stress and frustration trying to figure it out on my own!

I also learned how to adjust everything to my needs so I can change things in the future if I want. I highly recommend to work with Joao – not just for his skills but also because he is supportive, creative and fun to work with.

Filippa Levemark from Sweden
Artist, Meditation Teacher & Transformational Coach

What can we build together?

Swipe the wonderful things we can create together! From gorgeous websites with contact forms to full-blown course platforms and sales funnels, there isn’t much we can’t build together.

No matter what you need, we’ll build everything for you, help you integrate powerful strategies aaand walk you through the tools, so that you can manage everything with ease.



Check out what other big-hearted wellness entrepreneurs from all over the world are saying about working with João and Websoul.

“We took our educational programs online!”

Joao is a very competent strategist with a 360 degree view on how various aspects of online business, branding, and marketing are developed. He has a personal wellbeing trajectory which ignites every idea he transforms with professional expertise.

He is reliable, honest, and he can save you a lot of time (and money) by showing you a powerful approach which you can personalise to the needs of your project.

At the International School of Anatomy of Movement we wanted to take our educational programs online and Joao was able to guide us through the process while taking into consideration our specific needs. We felt our feedback was valuable and always taken into account. Joao worked passionately and was always smiling. I can not recommend his services enough.

You are going to be grateful you met him as I am sure he can extend to you the same quality of support and advice he offered to us.

Andrea Traldi from Italy 
Teacher at the Anatomy of Movement School

“It’s a big win to be able to spread my message in easier ways and still have more time to focus on my practice!”

I came to Joao because I was looking for a solution to promote my services as a massage therapist in Barcelona.

I really like the idea about him being oriented to work with wellness professionals. Not only because wellness and spirituality are part of his life practice but also because he can really understand the client on a personal and professional level. Having someone who works and lives on the same path can really be motivating and it feels more like having a team member on your side.

In my case I needed some guidance, context and knowledge regarding the immense options of available tools out there. There are so many, that it can be overwhelming and frustrating on which one to choose and how to operate them efficiently if you have no experience in any of these.

With simple ideas and easy to use tools that anyone can handle, Joao taught me how to promote myself better and spread my message out there in the vast digital world.

In the end what matters to me the most is to be able to provide great massage therapy. It’s a big win to be able to spread my message in easier ways and still have more time to focus on my practice!

Thanks Joao, for supporting me and believing in my practice!

Marcos Tawil from Mexico
Massage Therapist

“I found new clients and sold my new book — even during a difficult year.”

Joao is a very professional designer and strategist. He helped me a lot when I was overwhelmed at the beginning of my business. I needed a website and a logo and he helped me creating them while listening to my suggestions and offering insights about how to structure better ideas.

The fact that he has experience in the wellness sector helped me a lot to figure out how to create the best impression for my audience. Furthermore he taught me how to manage things and to be very independent whenever I want to add or change something on my website.

My new strategy and website helped me to find new clients even in a difficult time as it has been this COVID year and also allowed me to sell my new book!

Joao is a great guy and for sure our work was an amazing investment of time, money and energy. I really recommend working with him!

Roberta Colletti from Italy
Expert in Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathy

“The business runs itself, and now I just focus on the live stuff and content creation which is what I really want to do.”

After teaching yoga classes for 10 years, my dream was to create my own online course. I used to have a million separate tools, and was totally overwhelmed, but didn’t want to depend on 3rd parties to be able to manage everything.

João made it so easy for me, his program literally walked me through every area, from clarifying my ideas, building my audience to actually building and launching my website and program.

Even better, it was all on one platform and its automated! No separate email, web or sales pages, so the business runs itself, and now I just focus on the live stuff and content creation which is what I really want to do.

I’m so happy João empowered me to do this myself, now I feel confident and don’t depend on any web designer or third party when I need to make amendments. Thank you so much João, my business and mental wellness are grateful for this awesome journey.

Jane Dominey from the UK
Founder of FemFlow Yoga

“Dragged me to my best personal and business potential even when I felt doubtful and lost.”

What a great pleasure working with Joao! He helped me launch my website and my marketing plan with such professionalism and patience…

I’m not a fan or expert on new technologies and marketing methods such as email marketing and social media, but Joao helped me step by step and made me dive into this world with ease and great interest.

I’m glad I could learn about tools that definitely helped my business grow. It is really nice to work with someone that is specialised in the wellness area. I felt understood and well driven with compassion.

Joao is a lovely person with a fantastic sense of humour. He always dragged me to my best personal and business potential even when I felt doubtful and lost. His offer through Websoul was truly an efficient step for me towards finding great clients. I can now be autonomous on managing my business for such a great learning and investment.

Thanks Joao, I hope loads of people will benefit your incredible services.

Élise Lagrenaudie from France
Inner Child Therapist

“I now understand how to grow a successful online business with a structured and accessible framework.”

The online world for me is a jungle where I don’t want to spend too much time understanding it all and figuring it all out. I’d rather focus on the purpose guidance work that I offer.

João has been a very valuable companion to make the digital jungle less “wild” and set up all the tools that I need to start growing my business. He has helped me to understand how to grow a successful online business. João has a clear view and created a structured and accessible framework.

Because I have the tools ready I feel less overwhelmed. I can manage the website easily by myself and there is a great start with e-mail marketing. I have enjoyed the coaching sessions with João, where he shared a lot of his insights and where we brainstormed together to create original content. Basically, all the tools are there now to create a sustainable, growing, successful online business.

I see this work as the work that helped prepare the fruitful business soil for me, as “the gardener”, to continue sowing the seeds and help them to blossom. 

If you feel somewhat lost in the digital world like me and need someone to help you with the base on which you can build your magic, do not hesitate working with João!

Rick Jansen from the Netherlands
Purpose Guide and Regression Therapist

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